Where to start..

This is our first time doing any kind of blog like this so you will have to bare with us!

We have been thinking about going travelling for around 4 years now and we never actually committed anything to it. In June 2017 we decided after 4 years it was about time we did what we’ve been wanting to do for such a long time. WE DID IT. We left a deposit with our travel agency and we actually planned some of our trip.

(We have been together for 7 years, since we were 14/15 year old high school kids, and this was the first time we have committed to something so amazing and worth while).

Not going to lie, it hasn’t all been smooth sailing. It has and still is difficult for two 22 year olds only working part-time to save up the money to afford this trip. But with perseverance we have managed to do it and quite well actually.  Maybe saving up the money through hard work will make us enjoy our adventure even more! To everyone out there thinking about travelling the world but worrying about the cost, it is doable I promise! We will do a separate blog post about the costs of our travels so far.


The world is what you make it, you work hard you will get the gains, you try your best and you will succeed. 

Hard work pays off, staying in when your friends are out at the weekends without you will pay off. The sights and experiences we will encounter will be worth missing out on such things.

Deciding where we wanted to go was very difficult, we wanted to go everywhere! Obviously that is probably not realistic if we want to explore the countries and experience different cultures. We had to be picky and specific which was very difficult!

As a couple we are so excited to see what the world has to offer and even more so meeting new people along the way. We want to learn about different cultures and how people do things differently to the western side of the world.We also want to share our knowledge and help some of these people as they will probably help us along our journey.

We will also do a blog post explaining where we plan to travel, I would love it if you have any comments or recommendations for us to let me know! 

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