Agia Pelagia Crete

A previous trip of ours, where better to get experience of writing a travel blog than practicing on previous trips (expect a few of these lol)! We started with a flight to Crete from Leeds Bradford airport and of course we were delayed! Just our luck! Still least we were given a voucher to spend on the Burger King on the grounds haha. It was a 4 hour delay as soon as I heard about it I was dreading the wait, however the time flew by! Time flies when your with your favourite person!

We stayed at the Blue Bay Resort in Agia Pelagia and I couldn’t recommend this hotel enough. They went above and beyond to help us and ensure we had the best possible time for the duration of our trip! Our room was a five-minute walk from the reception area and offered magnificent sea views! The beach oh the wonderful beach! again another 5-10 minute walk from the hotel, it is so far the best beach I have ever been to! It was pebbles and slippery in the sea which I found out the hard way by falling head over heel whilst attempting to run in! There were however little shops that offered shoes with grip which we both decided to invest in so we didn’t make that mistake again! There was also a restaurant on the beach front serving gyros for around 3 euros, to die for! We also invested in snorkels and became avid snorkelers for the entire holiday, how could we resist! blue-bay-resort-spa-hotel

We rented quad bikes and scaled the hilly roads of agia pelagia, stopping for refreshments in the main town itself. The main town was lovely there was another beach there sandy too so soft on the feet! We bought the nicest ice creams and sat down to enjoy the rays and catch that tan! After we had finished exploring the town off we went again to get a breeze blowing through hair cooling us down! We even filled up at the local shell garage which was an experience in itself, a very run down place but so much character somebody put the petrol in for us and sent us on our way.


As we were on holiday we (obviously) took a trip to the water park! As most people know going to the water park can guarantee one thing! SUNBURN! and boy did we burn LOL! We still had so much fun though so the burns were so worth it!! We also took a couple of trips by local bus to Heraklion (the capital of Crete). Heraklion is such a beautiful place filled with different cultures, history, market stalls, restaurants and sooo many shops! I like to collect football shirts from the countries I have visited and used this opportunity to purchase an olympicaos shirt one of my favourites!watergames-01palia-agora





Lastly, we ate out at mainly one place due to the fact it was just so stunning! It was called Yamas you eat at a table outside overlooking the Agia Pelagia coast, if you timed it right like we did you can watch the sunset whilst eating your food and it’s truly wonderful! A must to anyone visiting the area!


I would highly recommend people to visit the quiet town of Agia Pelagia in Crete, it has so much natural beauty, happy locals and amazing sights to be seen! it’s truly a place to visit to understand just how wonderful it is! We came home feeling happy and relaxed knowing we had the best time! Thank you to the kind staff at the blue bay resort for making our stay truly one we will never forget!

Until next time!

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