Not sure what to call this?

Im sat thinking about life and how daunting it feels. Knowing I am 22 year old and I don’t 100% know what I want to do with my future. Although I know most people probably feel the same but there are some people that don’t and I have friends who have a house either a mortgage or renting. I feel like, woah what am I doing right now?

Although I have pretty much life at my finger tips and I can do almost anything, when you sit and think about it what can you actually do. Being 22 is a weird age your kind of in the middle between just getting over teenage years and adulthood. I used to feel like I was in adult hood but when I sit and think about it Im 22 I live with parents and the only real responsibilities I have is my job, my car and my phone bill. I feel like should I have more? But I am not sure on what is average for some one my age as I said some people are similar some people are above my level.

I know I want to move out and get my own place, possibly get married and have children. All this comes with time but again Im 22 and when our parents were 22 they have 1 or 2 children. It seems as if they had their life together and it makes me feel like I haven’t got mine together at all. Then I suppose I think did they have their life together or was that the thing to do back then– have children, whereas this generation want to explore and travel before settling down.

When its half 11 at night and your brain is overthinking…

This is me right now.

Things aren’t always easy to get, it takes perseverance. If everything was easy to achieve their would be no real feeling of success because we could get it with a click of a finger.

Its so much easier to give advice to other people, like I could sit here and say about how you have to think about whats important and think about the present. Do what makes you happy and eventually everything will be ok. BUT to take that advice onboard myself is a different story! I think its just us humans we are always great at giving advice or compliments to other people but never so good at taking it onboard ourselves. Even criticism, some people love giving out criticism but they cannot take it back themselves. I think its just the way we are.happy.001

Anyway enough rambling! Not entirely sure if this post had a subject behind it but enjoy!

Speak soon X

4 thoughts on “Not sure what to call this?

  1. Nice, though, that feeling of not knowing what you’re doing never goes away. My Dad constantly says this!

    I think some of the feeling so wanting more responsibility as you go into adulthood is normal. Though, a lot of it (in my opinion) is cultural. In many parts of Asia, its very common for kids to live with their parents in their 20’s…and it’s not shameful or ‘immature’. Many live with their parents until they get married. It’s just common practice. Also, THINK OF ALL THE MONEY YOU SAVE living with your parents!!!

    For me, I lived with my parents throughout my education until I was 23 when I got engaged. Even now, when we pay our rent, it hurts, it just swallows up our salaries!!

    In summary, I like this post. Two thumbs up!

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    1. That’s true, we are saving so much money by living with parents. Suppose we have to think of all the pros to living with parents because as you say when we do decide to move out it will hit us! Thank you so much for taking the time to comment we really appreciate it 😊.

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  2. So true! I’m 24 and have no job, house, car or even a phone number that lasts longer than 1 month! Whereas I have friends with careers, mortgages, marriages and kids! Saying that though I’m travelling which is incredible and don’t have the commitments they do (just like you will be!) and it’s certainly not too late once I’m back to get those things. I know people who are in their late 20s still working out what they want to do and even people in their 50/60s change careers, lose their houses or think about lost opportunities from their youth so I think so long as you’re doing what you enjoy and what you want to be doing now then the rest can and will wait! We have our whole lives after all, why rush?! 🙂 nice to read your thoughts, we’ve certainly all thought them from time to time! Xx

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  3. I think it’s because when we are growing up we are constantly told about moving into our own house, having children and a family of our own. It seems weird to not do it! Espeically like you said the majority of our friends have mortgages and children! But then reading your comment and knowing there are other people a similar age to me in the same situation, makes me feel abit more at ease! Exactly why rush into it, my grandparents were speaking to me the other day telling me how they wish they had the resources to do something like this back in their day and we should definitely do it whilst we have no major responsibility here. How long have you been travelling for? xx


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