San Francisco, USA

San Fran!!! What a place just had to write about our adventure here, so much to talk about and what a lovely city I’ll do my best to tell you all about our journey! We actually stopped at San Francisco before eventually making our way to Kissimme in Florida but we will save that for another blog haha!

When we arrived we were soooo jet lagged! crazy to think you go on a plane for 10 hours and the time still being so early! So we had to keep ourselves awake, after arriving at the hotel we decided to go a stroll and explore the area we were situated. There something about American streets that I just love LOL bit weird I know! and the HILLS in San Fran don’t even get me started! It all adds to the experience though!


The morning after what felt like the longest day ever, was started the right way with a proper breakfast from a lovely little cafe or maybe I should say diner since we were in America!







What We Did

We visited Alcatraz, so much history inside one building kind of surreal stood there in a disused prison and also more recently a Native American settlement! We took the opportunity to cycle over the golden gate bridge! Its a once in a lifetime chance and honestly what a feeling and a buzz it gives you cycling and even seeing such a man made wonder! We took a trip to see Fishermans wharf and also caught the bus into San Francisco city centre, such a lovely place with so much culture! We walked through the centre visited an enormous shopping mall, proceeded to walk through chinatown and eventually we found coit tower, it offers wonderful views of the whole city!

I know this post is quite short, I will revisit parts of the trip in more detail at a later date so stay tuned :). One thing I must add to this short post about our San Francisco trip is that you must go and visit this remarkable city yourself! I hope it blows you away as much as it did to us!

Until next time! 🙂

3 thoughts on “San Francisco, USA

    1. Aw no, if you ever go back I’d definitely go! So much history all on one island! We got audio tour of the prison and it was amazing, learning about the history of the island and the people who where on it x


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