Dublin 2017

Dublin, what a surprise you where! It was August Bank Holiday in the UK and we fancied going away for the weekend and at the time flights to Dublin where cheap. So we thought  why not?! We booked our hotel, not realising it was quite far from the city centre. I say far.. but it was only 1 bus ride or 1 train stop. We didn’t realise it but the hotel was right next to the train station, although you wouldn’t think it was. It was so quiet, we never saw anybody working there! The first time we got the train we were quite wary as it was toooo quiet! LOL.  This is Dublin Train station! This station was very busy! Trains everywhere & people!


Arriving into Dublin on the Friday night after we had both finished work and went straight to the airport. Once we found the bus to the city centre we had to stop of and get a drink, in the centre of Dublin. Oh my goodness what a atmosphere! Never felt anywhere like it. Everybody was so friendly and lively!

We got to our hotel and there was one massive queue and we were absolutely knackered by this point! We waited, and it was worth the wait. We got our room key and our room was lovely. We didn’t even unpack we just went straight to bed.

Our first proper day in Dublin, of course we went to the Guinness Store House. We had a look on Groupon before we left the hotel and we got 2 tickets at such a reasonable price, we got fast pass tickets and a free pint of Guinness for less than £20! We were able to see the process behind the makings of the beer and how much time and effort it takes for the beans to be at their best! The best part about this factory was the rooftop bar, where there was a great view of Dublin Centre and whilst enjoying this view we had a nice cold pint of Guinness! Which we poured ourselves, and we even got a certificate in being officially trained ;)! (not like we did the perfect pint, well actually I did and he was very jealous). After this we went shopping! We decided it would be nice to find our way from the factory to the shopping mall. Now it did take us like 10x longer than it should have done but we saw so much! I love going for a wander when Im away and just taking in everything around us!

The next day, it was our last proper day as our flight was really early the day after. We decided to just have a wander round, down the river bank, shopping, back to the hotel and then back to the city centre! We must have lost a good tonne of weight doing all this walking!

I Would 100% recommend going to Dublin, its like a home from home. For anybody! It is just such a friendly and welcoming place! You’d love it!

Speak soon X

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