Lake District, UK

Coming up to my lovely girlfriends 21st birthday I thought how can I make this as special as possible! So I decided a lodge cabin with a hot tub would go down a treat, on arrival at the site it actually brought her to tears! At first I was like what are crying for? haha but then when I realised why it overwhelmed me with joy.


The place we stayed in was called troutbeck a very quiet town the perfect place to go and get away from everything and just relax! The cabin itself had a lovely log fire, lovely interior decor and a  balcony overlooking a stream, it made you feel close to nature.


What we did

We visited the small village of Ambleside which was a really old fashioned British village, was lovely to see the history and old school architecture on display throughout. We found a small cafe and helped ourselves too a lovely lunch at a decent price too if I may add! We then decided to head back and hit the hot tub!! Our second and final day we went to the larger village/town of windermere, it was a little busier here and the star attraction was of course lake windermere itself! However hopefulness of stunning views were dashed by a thick fog haha typical am I right?! We did find a Starbucks here though so I mean nothing like a hot chocolate or a mocha to uplift the mood!

Its fair to say our stay at the cabin itself will never be forgotten it was amazing, if you want to go somewhere to just get away from everything then this is the place to go!

Until next time.

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