Fuerteventura, Spain

We came to Fuerteventura in 2015. We had two weeks on the beautiful island and it didn’t let us down! We came with family and we had our own little bungalow next door to the parents. We were in an ideal location quite close to major things we were on holiday for e.g. the beach, restaurants, shops and of course the hotel pool!

We have always been quite adventurous and we like to explore the area we are staying in rather than just staying in the hotel all the time! We regularly went on walks around our base location, we found some lovely restaurants and bars for our troubles! We love to see the different cultures and the different ways in which they live their lives compared to us in the UK.  Walking down the streets, going past restaurants where the people are like “come,come we have nice food” and we feel rude saying no. However I think every restaurant we walked past said the same thing haha! We did eventually find a nice place to eat.


A typical caleta de fuste street


We wasn’t too far from the beach at this hotel so nearly every other day we would have a 10 minute walk down the centre to the beach. Which was lovely, it changes it up from just sitting by the pool. At the beach there was a lovely breeze which helped cool us down although the cooler you think it is the more likely you are to burn! which we found out haha! Our speciality has to be bat and ball, such a simple game keep the ball up as many times as possible between two of you but so addictive haha! It helps gives your mind a rest from thinking about being too hot as well, so I mean its a win, win really!


Bat and ball fun!

Wherever we go we seem to be lured in by the waterparks! We love exploring and having fun! My favourite part of a water park is the wave pool! I am obsessed! Every time I heard that Clacton go even if I was on the other side of the park I would be darting to the pool! Just in time for the waves! At this water park in Fuerteventura the water was actually salt water! So every time we went down a slide we couldn’t even see where we were going because the salt kept getting in our eyes! But im sure someone has once told me salt water is good for you and your skin! so no complaints!

Waterpark! Pardon the sunburns!

This is just one of the lovely restaurants we ate at. As I said before they all try to pull you in and get some custom! After a long bathe at the beach all you need is some AC and some shade! This was perfect. The food was delicious and the service was with a smile which always makes experiences even better.

Just one of the restaurants.


Aw im starting to get holiday blues writing this blog! I wanna go away so baddd! But only another 6 months to wait and we will be jetting off into the big wide world!

Tar for now X

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