So Your Thinking Of Travelling?

Your thinking of travelling but you have thoughts in your head telling you its too expensive, you need start a career, your worried, you think your too old or too young maybe you just think its too difficult? We’re here to put all your worries to rest! As a couple we both work part time and have managed to make enough money to travel 5 of the 7 continents! If you are having any problems or worries about planning/ booking a trip please leave a comment I promise we will get back to you with the best advice we could give! ๐Ÿ™‚ Hopefully though after reading this blog most of your queries will be resolved!


Sit down with whoever you are going travelling with, get yourself a pen and paper or word/ notes open on a computer and write down between you the destinations that you want to see the most! This is most important, as without a list of places you want to see how can you plan which order you want to see them in! After doing this, do your research! You can’t go travelling blind to things, you may require visas and jabs for the countries you have chosen! Set yourself a DATE but remember travelling through holidays such as Christmas and Easter etc, will add more onto your potential bill as flights are usually more in demand in these months. A big part of planning is the finance side of travelling, the part feared by travellers and what puts most people off travelling! Its easier than you think! Set yourself a target with your travel buddies, then divide that by how many months until your planning on leaving. This gives you an exact amount you need to put in your travelling kitty every month, this is literally what has made travelling a dream come true for us! You just have to be strict with yourselves is that night out worth missing seeing all those places you dreamed of going when you first started planning? Didn’t think so!

red-clipart-calendar-17Look for help

There are so many companies out there that help you book your dream trip, personally we used STA travel. We went into the store itself with our list of destinations and they arranged our trip for us. This made life so much easier than doing it yourself and we were pretty shocked actually that it didn’t burst the bank! There are of course other companies you can book with, this was just the best one for us! Like I said before though this is all done when your doing your research! Can’t stress enough how important that is!

Look at other travel blogs like ourselves who offer advice from there own experiences, they will let you know what not to do in order to make your trip as amazing as possible! Also have a look online, there are tonnes of online resources that give out tonnes of information for planning your journey! Just absorb all the help you can get it will make your planning much easier!


We are 5 and a half months away from setting off on our journey now, so excited but we still haven’t sorted everything! We have ourselves a diary though in which we have penciled in things like our vaccination appointments and when to apply for visas. You just have to enjoy the process and not stress to much, if you have planned well enough then when you get to the stage we are at I hope you can enjoy the countdown too!

8 likes on this and we will release a step by step guide on exactly how we planned our trip!

Until next time! x


5 thoughts on “So Your Thinking Of Travelling?

  1. Typo alert:
    You’ve used “your” several times, when you should be using “you’re”. The first is the possessive case, the second is the contraction of “you are”.

    By the way, love your blog name, “One Life, One World” ๐Ÿ˜€

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