Newcastle, UK

Amazingly, in 2016 my other half and I went to Newcastle as a little part of my 20th birthday present. We have always wanted visit but never took the time to plan a trip (Even though it is only 2 hours away from us!). When we arrived into Newcastle we passed the beautiful Angel of the North sculpture made out of steel.


On arrival at our hotel we only had one thing in mind! And that was to get ready for a great night out which Newcastle is known for! πŸ™‚ Before this though we had our customary walk around the local area of the hotel! I don’t know why we do this really its just nice to know what hidden gems are around your base! It turned out one of Newcastles main sights was only a 5 minute stroll away! The tyne bridge, luckily enough we went at the perfect time getting some lovely shots at sunset!

After this stroll we headed back to the hotel had ourselves a lovely meal and headed out into town! We went to the House of Smith bar, it wasn’t far away from the hotel so didn’t cost much in a taxi it was such an amazing night! We must have been the first two in the bar, we were that eager! Everybody in the club were friendly and we had such a good night. It was nice to go out into a different area and everybody still be so friendly! The morning after which wasn’t so pretty by the way LOL we checked out of the hotel and decided to go to Newcastle city centre! On the way in we found a lovely little cafe and got ourselves a much needed breakfast! We then went for a walk into the centre and decided to have a look around the shops and of course do a bit of birthday shopping haha! Theres so much going on in the city centre itself, loads of diversity it was really refreshing to see to tell you the truth!! Just off the main road of Grey Street there are lots of little cobbled streets with cafes and vintage shops, they are definitely somewhere to visit! There are so many beautiful restaurants to cater for everybody!

Not only was this a lovely weekend visiting the various places but it was also nice to spend quality time together without any university essays to write, just time the two of us!

Until next time X


27 thoughts on “Newcastle, UK

  1. Sounds like is a nice place to visit. Never thought about it. It’s a bit far away from where I live but I will consider it 😍❀️

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