Liverpool, UK

Liverpool!!! Another place we have visited in our time spent together! 🙂 We were in university at the time and thinking what to do on the weekend, anything but uni work I was thinking haha! So we both decided Liverpool would be a good day out, we had plans to go shopping in Liverpool and then make our way to Formby beach in the afternoon for some relaxation! So off we went on our adventure, we only live just outside of Manchester meaning the journey was only around 2 hours. Which of course is a BONUS!

We arrived in Liverpool, it was quite easy to find to tell you the truth well signposted for us to arrive by car! We were pretty excited to explore new lands, luckily we chose well on which day to go it was so warm and sunny (For England this is a rarity). We did loads of shopping and explored some of Liverpool’s other attractions, for dinner we had ourselves a cheeky Nando’s! Because why not haha!

Fun Fact: Liverpool was given European capital of culture status in 2008.

Here are some pictures we took of the stunning royal liverbird building! This wonderful grade one listed building was constructed in 1911, it is one of the iconic things to see in Liverpool! The famous Liverpool football club also captures the liverbird in their club emblem cool right!? Also in the below pictures, you will able to see a picture of the river Mersey, crazy to think in the 18th century the Mersey docks were one of Britains busiest ports. Goods such as; salt, coal, pottery, metal, and sheep were all transported out of the country on ships using these docks! They are much quieter now however, they offer some quite picturesque views!

After the busy rush of Liverpool city centre and all the things we did there, it was time to chill out. The part I was looking forward to all day! HAHA, time to hit the beach! Formby beach isn’t that far away from the centre of Liverpool, it is also home to some famous footballers Steven Gerrard being one of these. Unfortunately, however, we didn’t get a glimpse of him haha. Instead, though we found ourselves on the lovely Formby beach taking in the rays and having an amazing end to our day! If you have a couple of hours spare and the weather is okay take yourselves here, it is amazing and lets you disconnect from the busy world for a couple of hours at least! :).

Until next time!

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