Kissimmee, USA

Hello back at it again,

We’ve not spoken about this part of our trip yet, but after we went to San Fransico we actually went to visit Orlando too… If you haven’t read our San Fransico blog then go read that first! I promise you will like it! 

We flew from San Fransico to Los Angles we didn’t get to visit LA though as we only had 50 minutes to get onto our next plane to Orlando! (From what we saw of LA we definitely want to come back) It was beautiful just from the view on the plane.


Anyway, we got on our plane to Orlando and when we arrived we met up with my grandparents who were flying in from Manchester. We are quite lucky really because my grandparents actually own a villa in Orlando which meant we didn’t have to pay to stay anywhere. We could spend our money on the big list of places and things we wanted to visit.

On the way home from Orlando airport we drove on the 192 and we had to go through the tolls, it was such an experience. I loved getting the $2 or more ready for my grandma to throw into the pot to let us through.

Arriving at the Villa was such a blessing, we were so tired from all the travelling and the time difference from San Fran! That night we ordered take away and just stayed in the villa.

Our view from the Villa at night

We had so much planned for us to do in our 10 day stay in Kissimmee, Universal studios, volcano bay, sightseeing, shopping, Kennedy space and just some all around exploring really! Everything was just so beautiful, even though we have most of these shops back in the UK. I think it makes a difference when the sun is out and making our moods better!

First things first let’s talk about universal! We had a multiflex ticket that allowed us to go to universal as many times as we wanted, volcano bay was also included in this! We took an uber from the villa to universal the times we went and it was the best decision we could make! Personally, I am frightened of roller coasters so I was so nervous about being there haha! I knew I was going to have to conquer my fears at some point as I couldn’t leave the Mrs to go on the rides alone, although thinking about it that would have been pretty funny! I conquered my fear however and went on pretty much every ride! I was amazed at myself, to be honest as I was completely out of my comfort zone but its something I can certainly be proud of and look back on fondly! There is also so much to see at the universal theme park, each section has its own unique theme. There’s harry potter world, marvel super hero island, kong skull island, Jurassic Park and toon lagoon. The names themselves are quite mouthwatering and make me want to go back already!

On our last visit, we got a self-portrait but it was a joke one LOL this certainly gave us a good chuckle!


Also at the universal theme park is a new water park called volcano bay, the theme for the park you guessed it, is a volcano haha. The place was huge as we went to the park during its opening week, it was so busy! We didn’t let this deter us though and we cracked on! They had about 6 real sand beaches spread around the park made you feel like you were genuinely at the seafront! The rides were cool, well the ones we got to go on at least! The park gives out wristbands when you arrive that you use as like a virtual queue waiting for rides. This is probably the one negative about the park, it means you can only wait for one ride at a time. When your wristband buzzes and tells you it’s time for your ride about 100 other peoples wristbands are doing the same thing and you have to wait in a real queue as well! However, as I said before we made the best out of it enjoying the wave pool and sunbathing during our wait! I really wish we had taken pictures to show you guys, but we didn’t take out phones out when we were there as naturally, we didn’t want to get them wet!

Next up in our adventure was a stop at the Kennedy space centre! Real-life spaceships have actually launched from the space centre! Launches have even reached the moon from this location! Quite surreal to tell you the truth the race to the moon and thinking of the modern day space shuttle was all thought of in the walls we were wandering around in! So many different space crafts were launched from the centre and some of them are even on display to see! I knew they were big but my gosh I didn’t realise they were THAT big! We took a bus tour around the different launch sites and runways, we learnt some incredible facts too! Honestly can’t begin to explain how intriguing this was, such an amazing experience. Humans going to space there are some truly intelligent and amazing people in the world!

How could I nearly forget, going to America we did everyone’s favourite thing! Eat and shop A LOT haha! We honestly saw so much cool stuff that we hadn’t come across back in England. So, of course, we went on a couple of crazy spending sprees because why not! Also, the number of burgers consumed can’t be normal haha but I wouldn’t change it for the world!

Our trip to Kissimmee was amazing and unforgettable, we had such a wonderful time and we can’t wait to go back! Which we are doing whilst we’re travelling America next year! Excited is an understatement haha!

Until next time!



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  1. Hey. Just ran through some of your posts and I have got much love for the various places you’ve talked about . I have always wanted to see the world and a blog like yours really comes in handy. Very cool!


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