Travel Bucketlist!

So, all of you lovely bloggers know me and my other half are going travelling in August 2018. I bet you are all wondering where are we going and what we are planning to do! Feel free to comment giving us advice and tips. We would love to know what you think and any ideas! 

The first place on our travelling list is Dubai. We are really looking forward to seeing the Burj Khalifa and seeing all the beautiful skyline buildings! We are also looking forward to experiencing the culture and eating their food!

We then move onto Vietnam. Landing into Hanoi > Ha Long > Da Nang > Ho Chi Minh City. We plan to take the night trains and buses from one place to another. Ryan wants to try some Tai Chi and live like a local, experience the culture and try different foods.

We are then flying from Ho Chi Minh City to Bangkok.  From Bangkok > Surat Thani > Krabi > Kho Phi Phi > Phuket. We will be getting trains, buses and boats to get from one place to the other. I am very excited about Thailand. I am looking forward to getting to know the culture, live and eat like a local. I am very passionate about learning and taking an interest in other cultures/religions. (Also looking forward to the sun of course! LOL).

From here we were unsure whether to make our own way down to Singapore or whether to book a flight from Phuket to Singapore because of how cheap it is. If anyone has done this, please feel free to let us know how you managed it). Anyway, our plan for Singapore was to see the city and experience a few days here. We are looking forward to it, big city! Heard lots of good things!

We are then flying to Indonesia, Bali. Land in Kuta > Seminyak > Ubud > Gili Islands. Our readers will know I (Becky) has been to Bali previously on work experience and I loved it that much I want to go back and show Ryan how beautiful it is! Let him experience some of the things I did when I was there! I want us to experience it together! (Like when I got back from my trip I told Ryan I climbed Mt Batur which I did and I was explaining how hard it was and it was slippy and I feel like he will never know what I actually mean unless he goes and does it too haha!) But yeah we are both looking forward to Bali.

We then plan to fly to Manila. To be honest, we haven’t really thought about what to do here, I think we both need to do some research and read some blogs! We both knew we wanted to visit the Philipines though and why not visit the capital. Let us know if you have been and have any suggestions. 


Thought I’d add a nice picture to break up all my writing LOL. 

From this part, we haven’t really had a chance to plan or think about as it is all happening too fast!

Our next flight then is to Austrailia, Sydney. Where we plan to live and work here for 6 months. It has always been something we have wanted to experience. Of course, we are going to exciting things too! We also thought this would be a good halfway point to try and earn some more money to help us fund the rest of our trip! We are going travel around Aus towards the end of our stay as our flight leaves from Melbourne (gives us an excuse to travel round haha).

We then fly to New Zeland. We land in Christchurch and our flight leaves from Auckland which again gives us a good excuse to travel round to get us to the airport. We think we might hire a car and buy camping equipment and stay in various places along the way.

We then fly to Fiji. We were initially thinking Ahhh this is wonderful it will be a lovely break after working for 6 months! So we have not thought about it that much haha!

We then fly to the USA, Los Angeles. The plan was to travel around LA go to various places including Las Vegas (Of course LOL). We would just use public transport as hiring a car at our age in the US is ridiculously priced!

Our next flight is to Mexico. We fly into Mexico City. (We haven’t really thought about it yet). Any suggestions please let us know. 

We then fly to Miami and then our next flight isn’t until Toronto so as you can imagine we are making our own way through. How exciting! We think we will do public transport for the majority of the journey as we will get to experience it more that way! We are going to see so many different states! Just a few we have thought of:

Miami > Florida > Jacksonville > Atlanta > Nashville > Louisville > Columbus > Pittsburg > Washington > New York > Philadelphia > Cleveland > Chicago > Detroit > Toronto. 

That’s what we are thinking! Not sure if it will work like that!

The last destination we visit is Iceland! Again not sure what we are doing here yet, but we figured we would chill considering it is our last place before coming back to rainy Manchester! 

Hope you have enjoyed reading all the different places we are going. I know I keep mentioning getting in touch with any tips/advice but I think it is because part of me is scared of the not knowing what to expect whilst travelling for a year haha!

(Ryan hasn’t read this yet so if I have forgotten anywhere I will get him to add it in haha) 


Thank you for taking the time to read!

Until next time X.




15 thoughts on “Travel Bucketlist!

  1. Sounds like an amazing trip! I look forward to reading what you get up to. My tip for the Philippines, Manila offers very little as opposed to the other beauty the Philippines has. I would recommend flying into Cebu if you can, from here you can go canyoneering and swim with Whale Sharks (MoalBoal and Oslob) Also, the best way to get around from island to island is by flying. Boracay is great for party and Coron and El Nido (which you can get a ferry between the two) have incredible scenery so I’d 100% focus your time on those three places. We found it a bit hard to plan for the Philippines because of all the different islands so thought I’d offer you a few tips to get you started. Enjoy!! 😀 xx

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    1. We are looking forward to sharing our trip with everybody! Wow, amazing thats helped us so much! We were very hesitant about Manila because we heard a few things that put us off. We were even going to cut down the amount of time we were in Manila but now I don’t think we will. We will definitely look into Cebu as you said we could then go to the other little islands too. Thank you so much for taking the time to write this comment! It will 100% help us now! Hope you are enjoying your travels, we love reading your blog! xx

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      1. Yeah we spent a day in Manila and that was enough, a lot of people do skip it altogether and to be honest I don’t think you lose anything if you end up doing that. No problem, glad it can help. If you have any questions just ask. Aw thanks 🙂 really glad you’re enjoying it! Like I said, any questions on anywhere just let me know and I’ll help all I can. You guys will have the best time! Xx

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  2. Wow! This is such a list! August is rainy season in a lot of areas in the Philippines but I think you can still do a lot of things. What would you like to see/do in Manila or the other places in the Philippines? I could suggest some if you just want to go to the beach or something like that.

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  3. Its incredible we are super lucky to be able to do anything like this! We were thinking of going to the island Cebu for a few days and then for Manila we are not entirely sure. I would love to go to the beach so if you can reccommen​d any that would be fab! Thanks for taking the time to comment X


  4. This sounds like an amazing trip! I can’t wait to start keeping up with your travels! I travelled America last year after working there for the summer so I can give you advice on LA, Miami, Philadelphia, New York! Also, one place you don’t have on your list in America is New Orleans, I visited here last summer and it is such an amazing and different American experience

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  5. I am new to blogging but so excited to get started and to share my travel stories with all. I adore traveling and have a real passion for it. I loved your blog and have started following you to keep up with your adventures 🙂 x

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