Thank you so much to everyone that has been a part of our journey so far! We are honestly taken back and overwhelmed! What an incredible journey blogging is, interacting with everybody, learning and just having a straight up amazing time! πŸ™‚ Everyone who has been involved in our blogging adventure so far we can’t thank you enough!

So far we have been nominated for 2 awards, which always makes you happy as it shows other people are enjoying your work! At this moment we have had over 1100 views and over 500 visitors to our site! I mean like WHAT?! We honestly never thought we would even achieve this much! We also have over 100 comments on our various blogs which is just wonderful as we have been able to interact with all of our new found friends!

In terms of our futureΒ plans, we still believe it or not have lots of different trips to write about before we leave for our biggest adventure in August! We also have more trip-planning tips and tricks that hopefully may help people in planning their own adventure!

We really can’t wait to grow more and interact with more and more bloggers out there! This blogging journey is amazing and I know we have said it already but we really can’t thank everyone enough for the support we have been given so far!

Until next time!

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