About us…

I can’t believe we have been blogging for 2 months now and we haven’t introduced ourselves! What are we like!


Most people who read our blog will know but in case you don’t, we are a couple from Manchester, UK. Our names are Ryan and Becky. 


We have been together for 7 years since we were 14/15! We like to think of ourselves as outgoing, friendly and warm-hearted people. We love meeting new people, getting to know about peoples lives and their interests.

We are both 22 years old (although Ryan is actually older than me by 5 months). We both just finished our 3 years at University doing our Bachelors degree. We wanted to work for a year to save some money but we didn’t initially know what we were saving for! Our plan was to either save up for a mortgage or save up and go travelling around the world. As much as we both wished for years for our own place to live together we decided we have the rest of our lives to be a responsible adult and pay bills. Travelling it was then, we decided this in June 2017 and have been planning and saving ever since. Although travelling around the world will be really fun and exciting, we will definitely have our moments of being responsible adults. Like when we are catching trains in Vietnam down to Cambodia! We will need to be sensible and make sure we get the right train.

We both like to share the blog, we both really enjoy writing these blogs and we help each other with proofreading and making sure we haven’t missed any key information out.  There are some blogs which Ryan will prefer to write and some which I prefer to write!

Our round the world trip beings in August 2018!

We really hope you enjoy reading about our adventure, we are definitely going to make sure we keep the blog up to date! We will also offer advice and tips in case anybody else is planning their lifetime trip! If any of you bloggers have any advice or tips for me and Ryan please feel free to share! We need all the help we can get!

(If there is anything else you guys would like to know about us, comment and we will be sure to answer it).

Until next time X




11 thoughts on “About us…

  1. The countdown is on I guess…and so is ours! I found your blog as I start to build ours…My husband and I are taking off for 4 months in Europe in September and plan to keep a travel blog too! We have been on many trips ourselves, to Europe and Asia, and a 5-month round the world with our sons in 2007, so we know how exciting this will be for you (and us!). Good luck, be safe and I look forward to reading about your adventures!

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    1. We sure are counting down! Aw wow amazing!! Your gonna have such an amazing time! We are so excited but slightly nervous! Thank you so much! We look forward to reading your blogs! Have lots of fun! Take lots of pictures X


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