Travelling thoughts

Hello bloggers,

When we decided we wanted to go travelling we didn’t initially tell anybody because we knew that some of the things they would tell us, would have possibly postponed our date for travel. We went to the STA Travel shop and we arranged where we wanted to go, booked and paid for it there and then! We wanted to write about what kind of comments and questions you will get when you decided to travel.

From Parents…

Be prepared for all sorts of worry coming from parents, this obviously comes because they love you but it can get quite tedious at times! We must have been asked everything you could think of! Where are you going again? (we get this once a month haha) What about your job? What about your car? What about a job when you come back? How will you afford it? What about getting a house? Why do you want to do that? Like I said before it all comes from love, however, travelling wasn’t as big and available back when they were our age it’s not really a normal thing for them. They are used to getting a job a mortgage, starting a family and basically settling down for the long haul! We, on the other hand, are avid adventurers and want to see what the planet has to offer before we start settling down!

The Judges…

Get ready for the judges of the world to start popping up, they ask how much you’ll have saved you’ll tell them and they will more than likely pull their face! LOL! You just have to brush it off though, half the time this just comes from envy! Oh, and other’s will ask you how you’re getting places you’ll tell them buses trains and what not! Again get yourself ready for their reaction! This is what every budget traveller will do by the way for those people out there that don’t really know much about travelling! You get the drift everything you do is suddenly under so much scrutiny simply because you’ve gone against the grain!

The worries…

This is more on us! We worry all the time sometimes it’s just about the smallest of details like when we are in Vietnam how easy will it be to find bus stations. We have even started using duolingo to learn some keywords in different languages, in the hopes that this could help us whilst we’re over there! I think worrying is a good thing LOL! If you can worry about something you must care about it!


To stop this blog post from being all doom and gloom we thought we would end it on a positive note haha! The excitement keeps you on cloud 9 we are now at 3 months and 30 days till we go but nobody’s counting LOL. Some of the amazing feedback you get especially on here just brightens up your day! We didn’t have any of our Philippines trip planned until a recent post on here when so many lovely bloggers got in touch and now its all done! 🙂 We can’t thank you all enough you know who you are!

Just to finish off here’s a quote we found,

“Stop worrying about what can go wrong, and get excited about what can go right”.

Until next time!



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