Europe Bucketlist

Hello fellow bloggers, we all have our own dream destinations we want to go and see whilst we grace this wonderful planet! Here are our most notable European travel dreams! We have of course missed out some of these amazing places on our travel list but we have already ticked some of them off so we didn’t feel the need to put them on here! 🙂

Iceland- This is actually our last stop on our round the world trip! It’s fair to say its a place we are very excited about! There’s so much to be excited about in Iceland the blue lagoon, which is basically a geothermal spa! Apparently, if you go late at night you can chill in the warm water whilst getting a glimpse of the northern lights! We will be sure to let you know when we go if this is true! Bringing the northern lights up brings us onto our second reason for wanting to visit Iceland. The northern lights are otherwise known as the aurora borealis are supposedly breathtaking when you see them! Norway is meant to be the best place to catch a glimpse of the phenomena but let’s hope we get lucky to show you guys! 🙂




Amsterdam- We have always wanted to go here but never made an effort to plan a trip! We would love to go for a river cruise down the centre whilst sipping a glass of wine or beer haha! Its apparent from some of our friends that there are lots of various cafes, which we wouldn’t mind trying. We would love to visit Ann Frank’s house and the Van Gough museum.


Croatia- It has many beautiful islands, it is known for its wine! We would also love to get to know the culture and the history of Croatia. One place, in particular, we would like to visit is Dubrovnik and visit the markets. We have heard the nightlife in Croatia is amazing so that would be something we want to experience.

Take us here!

Italy- This has always been somewhere wanted to visit and I am not entirely sure why we haven’t yet been!! My friend travelled round Florence and Venice and she absolutely loved it. The history of the entire country we just think is phenomenal! From Rome, Florence, Venice and so many other destinations in Italy we really just want to go! We don’t have a specific place we definitely must see as we are just so interested in the whole of the country!


Florence! So beautiful


Hungary, Budapest- How could we leave Budapest off this list? It is the capital of Hungary and just has so many different beauties for a traveller to go and see! Again the views the city offers look remarkable, there is the Szechenyi bridge, parliament buildings, Buda castle and so many other things to see! (we love a good view LOL) The city is also home to the Szechenyi baths, these are thermal baths and are open all year round sounds relaxing right?! Budapest is a place we will definitely ensure we visit in our lifetime it seems a must see!


Szechenyi bridge at night!


Poland- Poland always comes up in conversation when you talk to other people about countries in Europe they’d love to see. We really need to do a bit more research on the best places to go in Poland as it seems we lack in-depth knowledge of the country! We definitely would like to pay our respects at Auschwitz however, as the atrocities that happened here were just awful. Krakow and Gdansk are the places we are most interested in, if anyone has any information about going here please let us know 🙂


Germany- Now Germany is somewhere that cannot be missed! We plan on going here and enjoying a huge hot dog and a massive mug of beer LOL! Also, there are of course sights and monuments and amazing things to see as well! The cities that are interesting us the most are Berlin, Hamburg and Dusseldorf!




Estonia- We really want to go to Tallinn, the capital of Estonia has an amazing old town! Apparently its the best preserved medieval city in northern Europe, it still boasts gothic spires, cobblestone roads and enchanting architecture! Tallin is also known for being very romantic and has a very stunning coastline! We can’t wait to be amazed by the city of Tallin!


The beautiful city of Tallin


Greece, Santorini- We would love to go here for the views, beaches, food and culture. We know a few people who have gone to Santorini and have absolutely loved their experience. The buildings there are famous for being white and it just adds to the picturesque views you can get of the island! It seems somewhere you could spend a couple of weeks and just be so chilled out!


As you can see we have so much still to do on our home continent! We really can’t wait to explore it and write about all our adventures! If there’s anywhere in Europe you guys would like to go that we haven’t included please leave it in the comments we would love to hear about new places we haven’t thought of!

Until next time!


23 thoughts on “Europe Bucketlist

  1. Great Bucket List. My husband and I have been traveling the world for about 5 months now and have several months to go. We spent 3 months in SE Asia to many of the places you have on your list. We are currently in Croatia (our favourite country besides our home in Canada) and will be traveling through many of the countries you have on your European list. If we can be of any help, we’d be happy to. I’d be happy to send you our blog site documenting our thoughts on your travels too.

    Happy travels.


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  2. Love your Europe bucket list. I was lucky enough to see the Northern Lights in Iceland and they were incredible! Fingers crossed you get to see them too. Definitely visit Kraków if you go to Poland, it’s a lovely little city and so cheap! Rome, Venice & Verona are also beautiful and I’m heading to Sorrento next month which I’m hoping is just as nice!

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  3. Amazing list, been to all bar the top 3 and they are on my list!! Head to Bruges & Ghent in Brussels if you havent had the chance and also Copenhagan is a great city too!! There are just too many, like yourself my list is too big to name haha but getting through them rightly!! Just back from Champagne region in france it was very pretty and lots of nice drinks 😛 enjoy your travels cant wait to see where you head next 😀

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