Racing Around!

Hello bloggers!

Over the weekend we headed out to tockwith in Yorkshire to race an Audi R8 around a racing track! Fair to say I was very excited about the prospect of getting behind the wheel of such a chariot! We got up nice and early got ourselves some breakfast from McDonald’s because why not haha!

We got to the track got me signed in then it was the waiting game! We had to wait nearly an hour even though our booking told us to get there 45 minutes early! Seems there is no actual need to do that!

Then my name was called! But for the demo the lap haha! This was me being a passenger in a saloon car driving around the track to see what it was like! I couldn’t really concentrate though as at this point I just wanted to race the Audi LOL!

Finally, it was time! My name was finally called for the main event, time to drive the beast!

I was allowed to do only the three laps but being able to the high life in an Audi R8 at least gives you a sense of freedom for 5-10 minutes haha. I did really enjoy myself to be fair, so much power in that machine!


As you can see I was having a blast!

Lastly, I just wanted to give Becky my amazing other half a massive thank you for coming with me and standing in the cold just to support me as she does!

Until next time!


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