Travel Quotes #Day Seven

Hello Bloggers,

We are now at the end of our mini-mission to inspire others to travel with quotes, it has actually been amazing and we have had really good support during the past seven days of quotes! It can get a bit tedious at times I know but we thought the more quotes we put out there the more likely someone would see it and be motivated to chase their dreams! Which brings us to today’s quote!


Such a fitting way to end the quote series! Take that first step to your travelling adventure it’s often the hardest one to do! You will be grateful to your future self for it!

Until next time!

4 thoughts on “Travel Quotes #Day Seven

  1. Hmm. If you love travel you really don’t need a quote to get you going. Its a constant urge within. But nice idea!


    1. Great to have your opinion, and I agree a lot of people will have a constant urge to travel! Some of those people however may not get around to organising a trip for various reasons. These quotes are just to give people a bit of motivation to get them going.


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