Your Must-See​ Destination

We all have that one place that we have always wanted to see, it’s burning away at you because you’ve never managed to go! For me, it is a toss up to tell you the truth between the Seychelles and the Maldives! Very luxurious I know! But there’s something about sitting there on a secluded island with nothing around you for hundreds of miles that I just crave! Just take me there already! I could imagine having our honeymoon there (don’t tell Becky I’m talking about weddings LOL). We have all seen those pictures of the huts on the shore with the white sands, well that’s where I want to be haha!

This brings me on to the title of this post! What is your must-see destination? Comment below tell us where you would love to go! Or even write your own blog post about your must-see destination and tag us in we would love to read it! Below are some pictures of both the Seychelles and the Maldives and it’s exactly why I must go there someday!

The Maldives


The Seychelles













11 thoughts on “Your Must-See​ Destination

  1. We’d love to visit Scotland. Ian’s mother was from Glasgow and the emigrated to Australia when he was 3. He has no memories of his time there and we would love to return

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      1. Tokyo is amazing during the cherry blossom season. It looks beautifully decorated and is so pleasing see the white and pink blossoms everywhere!

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