Ubud, Bali

Ubud where to begin?

We ordered a blue bird taxi from our previous hotel in Seminyak to take us to Ubud, it took us an hour and a half and cost us like £10 so it was so much cheaper than other transportations you could have gotten into Ubud!

We decided to stay in a homestay so we could get that authentic feel of living like a local in Bali. It truly did not dissapoint, the family that put us up were so nice and friendly we literally couldn’t have got any luckier! They also offered us a breakfast which was lovely and took some eating lol, least it set you up for the day and only cost like £1!

There is so much to in Ubud during the day you really aren’t going to get bored, there are so many activites you can book. Seeing the waterfalls, rice terraces, river raftingor even climbing a mountain if that tickles your fancy! You can also book trips for trips out to the Gili Island’s but that’s for another blog :)!

We actually spent 2 of our days in Ubud at a pool bar, this was such a decision it takes you away from the busy streets and into some serenity. The pool bar we went too was called folk pool and gardens, it really is lovely the staff aren’t pesty and the prices aren’t unreasonable either! We did however manage to get a little bit sun burnt in our two days by the pool classic us!


As we’ve spoken about previously we also visited tenungen waterfall, the water palace and the rice terraces. All of which were lovely by the way and I would so recommend you do if you happen to go to Ubud!

There is also of course the markets, you cannot go to Ubud without seeing the markets and having a cheeky barter. Nothing better than knocking someone down to half price or lower! We got ourselves some magnets because that’s just what you have to do right!

There are also some great places to eat in Ubud, I would say however eat a little bit out of the main strip. Yeah you have to walk a little further but the contrast in prices is just so vast! Plus the food from the restaraunts a bit further out of the main centre don’t lack in quality! Plus if your on the road in and out of Ubud at around 5/6 pm you’ll get a lovely view of the sunset which turns the sky into an amazing reddish/ purple colour!


IMG_0454 2
We ate here many times!

Im sure if you come to Bali, you will be just as happy as this Budha!


Until next time!



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