Manila, 2018

We spent 4 days in Manila and unfortunately for 2 of the days I (Becky) was poorly! I couldn’t leave the hotel without feeling really poorly! So we didn’t get up to as much as we wanted to! Another day in Manila was wasted because we had a late night flight so we didn’t get up to much that day! 

We stayed quite close to the airport about a 30 minute walk from the Mall of Asia, this was a great location. We arrived near our hotel and we had to go down a really small narrow alley, it could barely even fit the car down! But we managed to fit down! The hotel was lovely, it had a comfortable bed, which was good considering that’s where I spent majority of my time haha!

This is the alley our hotel was down!

We only really got one day to explore the area, we had a walk down to McDonald’s as you do when your in another country haha! We stayed in Pasay city and we felt like when we walked out of our hotel everybody would just stare at us! We were definitely not used to this! Even in a mini shop we got the most bizarre looks and people would look at us and then speak to their friend and then they would look at us and they would giggle amoung themselves! I’m not too sure why! I wonder if they don’t see many tourists, but it put us off and made us feel slightly uncomfortable! On a positive note though, a few people we walked past would say ‘good morning or hello’ which was lovely!


So really, we were put off Manila due to this atmosphere we felt whenever we left our hotel! Althought I would still recommend going, maybe just stay for a night and then go and do a island hopping tour and enjoy the beautiful beaches!

(Remember though everybody will have different experiences in these places, we are just telling people what we experienced!).

Until next time X

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