Sculptures by the Sea!

We decided to head to Bondi beach on sunday! In Sydney in case you didn’t know you can get any public transport all day for only $2.70 so we made sure to get our monies worth and use as much of it as possible! You could imagine the plan for us in future is to do everything on sundays when getting around is cheaper lol!

We didn’t realise but once we arrived at Bondi we noticed a special event was on at the coast walk! It is called sculptures by the sea basically, it is just a load of different artists’ sculptures all along the coast! It makes the view even better I suppose!

It is actually the 22nd year and the sculptures cover over 2km from artists in Australia and beyond! It really is some spectacle and all for free!

We decided to go and check it out, by sheer volume of other people checking it out we thought there must be some cool stuff to see! We were in for a treat as there is just so many different styles of art its quite nice even for people who aren’t really interested in art to have a look at!

Some of the sculptures were in even quite comical and great photo opportunities for the gram!


There was of course like any show a main attraction! This main attraction was a massive Buddha! You could imagine the line to pictures with this thing, so we just decided on getting a nice picture of it instead of with it!


The walk on the coast itself was already a lovely walk with amazing scenery, now it has just got a whole lot more interesting! It definitley changes things up for you I can see us exploring further down the coast in order to find some other quirky looking sculptures!


Until next time!

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