Long overdue post!

Hello fellow bloggers,

We haven’t posted in what feels like forever!! We landed in Sydney and all we did was job hunt and flat hunt!! Apologies ❤️⭐️.

So a little update on our round the world adventure! We are currently in Sydney living the city life! We arrived into Sydney and we immediately started to job search and we were really worried as online we had read that some people really struggled to get a job when they arrived into Sydney and it took them a few months. So you could imagine our main priority was finding a job! Anyways, within a week we both had a few interviews and job trials lined up. We got them! We both got a job!

I landed myself with a pharmacy assistant job and Ryan landed himself a job in a restaurant. Absolutely over the moon we were. The next step for us was to look for our own place!! As nice as hostels are 🙈 meeting new people and making friends for life, we desperately needed our own space!! 1 month later we found our self a beautiful little studio. It is small but it is ours.

So we are about 2 months into our working lives in Sydney and I’m not gonna lie! I am ready for a break already haha! Get me back to lying on the beach at whatever time I desired!! No more working 9-5 😂.

Even more so, as Ryan works in a restaurant he works night shifts and unfortunately I work day shifts. So Ryan spends his days alone and I spend my nights alone! It is a struggle when you think, the reason we came travelling was to spend our time together! But we know that at the end it will all be worth it! If we didn’t work we wouldn’t afford our beautiful little flat!

On a brighter note, we are going to write a few more blogs about how we managed to get our jobs and what websites worked best for us and etc.. so I hope you will look forward to reading!

Until next time X

3 thoughts on “Long overdue post!

  1. Hiii 🙂 I saw your blog on your experience with SLV and it’s something I’m really interested in and would love to ask you a few questions if you wouldn’t mind? I’m a uni student and want the best out of it, if you’d be willing to help me could you email me at jadefogg1@gmail.com thank u so much 🙂 x

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    1. Hey!! I would love to! I can’t access my emails at the minute though because I’m in Australia it is taking some time to verify my email account. I can answer them on here though. Not sure if you can like private message on here? Happy to answer though ☺️ xx


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