How we found work in Sydney within 2 weeks!

Hello Everyone!

Your favourite travelling couple are back again! We thought we would give an insight into how we found work in Sydney within 2 weeks of arrival! Better yet we had found work and moved out of our hostel and into our own apartment in just 1 month! It can be done it’s just how you go about it that in the end determines how quickly you can get going!


Basically focus on one thing! Just ONE! Don’t try and concentrate on everything at once I know you think you can but it’s just not possible! The way we did it is we just focused on nothing but getting a job when we arrived. Some great places too look for vacancies are Gumtree jobs, Seek, backpacker job board, indeed and also there are many Facebook groups out there which jobs will be posted on. You will face a lot of rejection/ people not responding to your job applications however, remember you only need that one response to get you going! The more you apply for the more likely you are to get something back! A quick tip for you! If you are using Gumtree have a look in late afternoon/ early evening between 16:00- 19:00 this is when the most jobs are being put on!

If you’re thinking about going into hospitality or construction do the research! Doing some research before you get here will let you know you need an RSA certificate to work in many hospitality settings. You will also need to get a white card if you plan on working in construction, you will also need your own PPE which can add up to be quite costly so weigh up how long your going to be here against if its worth spending over $150. You can gain these accreditations online before you even get into Australia if your going to Sydney or NSW, however some states require you to go to a classroom but then you would have done research and know that anyway right!

I hope this has helped a few of you guys, let me tell you for a fact you are going to love Australia or if you’re already here I bet you’re loving it! Such an amazing country full of good people!

Until next time!


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