How Did It Start


Why follow the crowd? We both have degrees in psychology and quantity surveying, naturally most of our classmates went into further education or full-time employment. Then you have us! Why follow that crowd and get tied down to another few years of university or a lifetime of working! We decided travelling was for us, that however wouldn’t happen in a blink of an eye.

We managed to find jobs that pay us enough to put a set amount of money aside each month to achieve our goal of travelling the world! Do not mistake this for being easy, many sacrifices have been made (missing out on takeaways)! We basically set ourselves a target amount of money to reach by August 2018 (the month we go travelling), from this we just did some simple maths to figure out what we both needed to save a month!

We also have had lots of support from family, not in a money way. Just support of being here for us, telling us about the places we are going taking an interest in what we are doing. Family and friends have given us presents for Christmas, presents we wouldn’t usually get e.g. Passport holder, document holder, a go pro, medicines, torch. All the things that will help us through travelling. Having a support network whilst planning to go travelling isn’t essential it obviously just helps when we are stressing about how we are going to make it from one side of the world to the other.

We also had a fabulous travel agent. We booked this trip through STA and our travel agent went above and beyond to support us. Gave us booklets, internet websites, a map of the way. He even helped us when we didn’t know how to get from one place to another. He had been travelling himself so he knew what we needed to do. Without this support from him, goodness knows where we would be right now!

Obviously a big support towards this was ourselves towards one another, helping each other when we get stressed about a certain point. When the Mrs decides she would rather move out than go, LOL all these little things. Giving our support to one another has helped us through it massively. We wouldn’t have been able to get this far without one another. Butttt.. thats not to say travelling has to be done as a couple. Im sure one way or another if we both wanted it independently we would have found some way to achieve it.

When you want something in life, only you can make the decision to go out and get it. Achieve what you want to do. WE are in charge of our life and the way we handle it.

If anyone reading would like any advice in terms of planning your trip, thinking about a trip or even just a general question leave a comment. We will answer any queries you may have! Also feel free to give us advice if you have been travelling!

Tar tar for now! X1380595-Grandma-Moses-Quote-Life-is-what-you-make-it.jpg




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