Morning Strolls

Hey there! If you have read our previous blog walking can be fun! you’ll know by now we are quite avid walkers! It helps us de-stress and talk about anything with each other! I encourage more people to get out into nature and just be with loved ones or in there own thoughts there’s nothing better! We have decided to share another walk with you guys however, we will keep the writing to a minimum and just show you where we went! 🙂




We woke up and saw the weather on Sunday and just thought “yeah this is a perfect day for a long walk” and so it proved to be as well!

Becky loving the camera LOL! 🙂

We walked somewhere we had never gone before to tell you the truth, we didn’t really care we were just in our own little zone talking and enjoying life!


We stumbled upon this fishing lodge on our way, I’m not really into fishing but this place was so quiet! Could definitely spend an afternoon here chilling out!


It’s a good job we weren’t wearing red LOL! (well Becky took her coat off haha) Fair to say this worried us haha, however, we didn’t stumble across anything too scary.

Ryan’s turn for a pose haha!



On our way, we actually found some quite beautiful little photo opportunities to share with you all!




We made it to watergrove reservoir which is in Wardle greater Manchester, it’s a lovely scenic walk and it’s a fair distance too! It was time to walk around and head back home!


Crazy sometimes the way nature forms, in this picture the trees have formed their own path for you to follow!



Heading back home we actually got lost haha we ended up in a field of sheep in the middle of nowhere it was quite the experience LOL. We had to put our brains together well mainly Becky’s brain to figure out where we actually were! Anyways 10 minutes later we were back on the right track!

The walk itself was about 7 miles we had lots of fun and talked about so much! The legs were a little achy come the end of the walk but its nothing a hot bath couldn’t fix!

Until next time!

12 thoughts on “Morning Strolls

  1. A great post, thank you! I went on my very first organised walk last week, about 8 miles and discovered places of local beauty I didn’t realize were on my doorstep!! Walking’s deffo the way forward 😉

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      1. Hi! No I didn’t but I should really, was so busy waking (keeping up!) with the others that I only managed about 3 photos and a short video of a walled garden .. but you’ve given me good for thought now 😀

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