I remember us discussing whether to go to London for the weekend. Every morning when we got into our cars to go University all we heard on the radio was Captial’s Biggest Summer Time Ball is here!! Obviously curious we had a look online and looked at the line-up and we were sold. Even more so as I was with the phone company Vodafone at the time and they sponsored the summertime ball so, I was able to order tickets earlier than everyone else! Jackpot!

We had always wanted to go to London as it is the capital of the country we live in! We just never got round to planning a trip there.

So summer 2016 came around and we were going to LONDON!! We were so excited, we wanted to see so much in such little time! We got the coach down from Manchester to London which took approx 7 hours (because of all the stops). We chose to get the coach because it was cheaper than the train but my goodness I won’t be doing it again HAHA! The seats were so poxy and little hardly any room to move it was packed! So my anxiety and claustrophobia were going through the roof!

Anyway, that’s not the point! We got into London centre and we were blown away. It was so beautiful we were walking around with big Cheshire cat smiles! We had no idea where to start first. We were quite lucky as it was really warm. Although I was in a massive jumper haha! I can tell you half way through walking around I went to the nearest shop and bought a top. I was so warm!

Upon arrival in the capital, we weren’t bothered about finding our hotel we were so excited we just went straight out exploring! The first thing on our list was Buckingham Palace, so amazing! We had a good laugh like most people do over the queen’s guardsman with their furry black hats on! We then proceeded to walk down the famous mall (the long road outside the palace), before deciding for a change of scenery and heading into St James’ park.

As soon as we got to the park there was an ice cream stall, as you could imagine we weren’t too bothered about the price we just got ourselves some ice cream to cool down haha! If you walk through the park from Buckingham Palace to the opposite end you stumble upon the magnificent big ben! Such an iconic landmark and we literally came across by accident haha! As you can tell we went into London without much planning we were just winging it.

Once we were at big ben though we were pretty central to the main attractions, from there we found Westminster bridge and at the other end of the bridge was the London eye another iconic landmark! We walked from there to the strand, where there is a lot of shopping and restaurants. We had a nosey here before we decided we were knackered and booked ourselves an uber to finally find the hotel!


After a good nights sleep and a feast of dominoes later we were for our concert at Wembley stadium! We made sure we got there nice and early so we could have some dinner beforehand, can’t be paying those Wembley food prices haha! The concert was exactly what we wanted it to be if not better it was amazing. After the concert is where the real fun began for us though, the concert finished at 9pm and we had to make it to London central bus station for 11pm. As you can tell we were cutting it close! We got a taxi to our hotel to pick up our bags, we then got another taxi from hotel to central London. The race was on! We were sprinting around the streets of London frantically trying to find the bus station, it was a very stressful time, to say the least! We were literally the last ones on the bus it was that close that the bus driver nearly didn’t let us on! We were then stuck on our long journey back to the northwest!

London you were amazing, we will definitely be back for round two so we can see more sights and explore what other wonders you have on offer!

Until next time!



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